Monday, October 8, 2012

List: Podcasts I'm Enjoying (Updated 20160309)

Do me a favor? If you try these podcasts and like them then follow the folks on Twitter, tell them @binkytoes sent you. ;-) Nobody pays me, but ya know...I like to see that people mention me on Twitter. :-p

Kind of an ultimate #FF, yeah? :-D

In no particular order...
  1. ProYou Podcast (@proyoupodcast) with @tomjdeters who is Chris Hardwick's & Matt Mira's trainer
  2. Friday Night Comedy News Quiz (BBC Radio) with Sandi Toksvig
  3. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! (NPR) with @petersagal
  4. 7 Day Saturday (BBC Radio) with @ajhmurray
  5. Dining with Doug & Karen (@DougBenson & @KarenAndersonHi)
  6. Frank Skinner (Absolute Radio)
  7. Graham Norton (BBC Radio) (@grahnort)
  8. The Nerdist with @nerdist, @MattMira, & @jonahray
  9. The Smartest Man in the World, @GregProops (a.k.a. Proopcast)
  10. This American Life (WBEZ) with Ira Glass
  11. Dr. Karl and the Naked Scientist (BBC Radio) with @DoctorKarl & Dr. Chris Smith
  12. StarTalk Radio (@startalkradio) with @NeilTyson
  13. The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC Radio) with @ProfBrianCox & @robinince
  14. The Joe Rogan Experience (@joerogan)
  15. Science Friday with Ira Flatow
  16. SModcast (@thatkevinsmith & @smosier)
  17. Professor Blastoff (@blastoffpodcast with Tig Notaro, @kyledunnigan, & @huntsbergerjunk)
  18. Wits (@wits from @mpr, hosted by @johnmoe with musical director @munsongs)
  19. Plus One (@jenschwalbach & @thatkevinsmith)
  20. Welcome to Night Vale (@NightValeRadio)
  21. Generations Geek: A Father/Daughter Nerdcast (@GenerationsGeek)
  22. The Dork Forest (@jackiekashian)
  23. You Made it Weird (@peteholmes)
  24. Nerdist Writer's Panel (hosted by @BenBlacker)
  25. KCRW's The Treatment (hosted by @kcrw's Elvis Mitchell)
  26. KCRW's The Business (hosted by @KimMasters)
  27. The Dinner Party Download (@dinnerpartydnld)
  28. NPR's Ask Me Another (@NPRAskMeAnother, hosted by @OphiraE with house musician @jonathancoulton)
  29. The Mental Illness Happy Hour hosted by Paul Gilmartin (@mentalpod)
  30. UK Scriptwriters (@UKscriptwriters)
  31. The Comedian's Comedian hosted by Stuart Goldsmith (@ComComPod)
  32. Answer Me This! (@HelenAndOlly)
  33. WTF with Marc Maron (@WTFpod with @marcmaron)
  34. Bertcast (@bertcast with @bertkreischer)
  35. The Alton BrownCast (@altonbrown)
  36. 2 Degrees of Alie (@2degreesofalie)
  37. Come to Papa (@tompapa)
Others I've downloaded, haven't listened to yet but expect I'll enjoy:
[none at this time]
Thanks to @bandback2gether for asking for this list & to @k_fred13 for reminding me to update it. :-)