Monday, September 28, 2015

Diary 13: Birthday Cake

September 28, 2015 (not my birthday quite yet, just an early celebration)

I've been trying to eat less per sitting. I've been fairly successful over the past few days. The amount that I'm eating still makes me feel uncomfortable and ashamed. I feel huge.

For my birthday, I wanted one of those small five-inch Black Forest Cherry Mousse cakes from the grocery bakery, but they are $10 each *and* they were out of the flavor I wanted. Cake mixes are a dollar each, then three dollars for a can of cherry pie filling, and about two dollars for a can of whipped cream. That's what I decided to do for my birthday cake. Of course, I complained because I didn't want a big ol' 9" layer cake in the house considering how worried I've been about overeating.

Fortunately, Mom happened to spy a Duncan Hines "Perfect Size" cake mix. It was $3 as opposed to the $1 for a regular box cake but, in addition to the cake mix and the frosting mix, there was a little disposable pan included. So that came to $8 with the cherry pie filling and whipped cream--still less expensive than the $10 grocery store bakery cake if they'd had one on hand.

Anyway, to give you an idea of the size difference between the size a regular cake mix would make and the size that this "Perfect Size" mix would make, I took this picture.

Much better, right?? The box said it's meant to serve 2-4 people. I laughed because I used to eat the size on the left on my own in a 48 hour period. So thanks, Duncan Hines, for helping me with my quest to reduce my portion sizes and my overall sugar intake! I'll definitely look for this product again in the future.

I'm also happy to report that for supper I had the second half of my lunch and only a quarter of the cake. :-)

Today I'm thankful for:
--garcinia cambogia
--companies that aren't completely evil
--floss picks