Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Diary 5

September 14, 2015

1012: Yesterday I drove Mom to a town a couple hours away for a funeral. I didn't buy any sugar snacks at the gas stations along the way. That is a major victory. I did eat a bag of those "Cheddar Bacon & Cheese" Lays, though, with diet soda. Anyway, still counting it as a victory. Also, I didn't eat breakfast (wasn't hungry) and didn't finish my lunch. I ate supper around 6 p.m. on the way home and didn't eat anything once I was home. Really, a very good day in terms of portion control considering how much I ate during the Great Cheesecake Binge of 2015.

We picked up the stuff for some kind of crock pot broccoli beef concoction for supper this evening, so portion control should be easy. I've never made it before, and from the recipe, it sounds just "okay."

I've decided that if I'm not hungry, I'm not going to eat. That is, I'm not going to eat breakfast just because I "should." I'm not going to eat everything on the plate just to avoid "waste." My fridge works fine, I'm sure it'll be ok to wait until lunch tomorrow to finish off anything I didn't want today. A way for procrastination to finally pay off. Ha!

I realize I haven't been keeping to my schedule thing I set up last week. It looks like I might have identified some important things, though:

  • I am more ambitious/motivated in the one to two weeks before my period. 
  • My appetite is off the charts during the week before my period.
  • My appetite is very low after my period starts.

Let's see if it holds true next month. Maybe I can figure out how to put that to good use.

The weather here was nice and cool this morning, maybe down in to the 60s. I didn't check to see for sure. It was cool enough to sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice into my milk-splashed coffee, though! And you know what? It tasted good even without sugar or any sweetener.

My cold sore looks disgusting. I completely forgot that I have health coverage and that people actually go to the doctor and are written prescriptions for cold sores. So I'm goin