Saturday, September 12, 2015

Diary 3

September 9, 2015

0828: Woke up at 0640 after hitting snooze for about ten minutes. I need to change my alarm to 0600 or maybe 0540 so I'll be up by 6.

Anyway, managed to knock my lamp off my bedside table, cracking the lampshade. Great way to start the day!

Remembered to take the wheelie bin to the street in time for the garbage truck.

Had an Herbalife shake with an extra tablespoon of protein powder & some espresso powder blended in.

Mom came down around 0730 and we found that the coffeemaker doesn't work anymore. I guess the heating element is borked. I checked online, and the articles I found said it might be a fuse, but that it's not something a normal consumer should try to fix. It costs just as much to have that fixed as it does to buy a new coffeemaker, so I went to, found the coffeemaker with the highest rating that also had a two-digit price, ensured it had the features I wanted, opened my Amazaon app, searched for the model, found a vendor who had tagged it as Prime, and ordered it with free two-day shipping. It all took about 15 minutes and way less gasoline than it would take driving from store to store to find one that kinda sounded ok.

I also remembered to spray the wasps' nests that I found on the fence post when I mowed the other day. I think I screwed up, because at least one of the nests was mud daubers. I should've left it alone since the yellow jackets seem to have driven the mud daubers out of their usual haunts this year. I shouldn't feel so emotional about it. I'm sure there are plenty of mud daubers in the field behind the house.

Anyway, I'm only an hour behind my schedule today instead of two. Yesterday when I realized that I was beginning to internalize the material I've been studying, I knew it would be easier to get out of bed this morning. Today is the first day since I've begun this journey that I have hit snooze instead of just turning off the alarm and continuing to sleep until the dogs woke me up for breakfast.

1411: Jesus. After the last entry, I did pretty well. Did some "exercising"--that is, I danced to the Dance Cardio station on Pandora for half an hour--then showered. After that, I took some progress pics for PocketDerm and answered an email from a lady who is a good contact for job hunting. That led to getting lost in the internet job search pit for a while, which made me depressed and hungry, so I ate lunch and began to feel really tired.

I decided to lie on the couch for an hour and a half. I even set an alarm. Did I get up when the alarm went off? No. Instead I googled a couple things I was curious about, Tweeted one of the things, then absentmindedly began to retweet stuff. OOPS. Caught myself, closed Twitter. Whew. That could've taken up hours.

Now I'm sitting here wondering why I feel so dang tired. I woke up a few times last night, but I had a decent amount of sleep. Fitbit says it added up to about nine hours. NINE HOURS, and I feel sooo super sluggish. WHY???? I need to go back to low carb. This is ridiculous. I can't remember whether I took any Xenadrine this morning, but it's too late in the day to take it now. I definitely took my multivitamin & (doctor-advised) Vitamin D supplement. I took an iron supplement yesterday, so my next dose is tomorrow; low iron shouldn't be the issue. I haven't been eating a lot of sugar. I've had maybe one small handful of semisweet morsels a day--if any--because I'm premenstrual and I was feeling sorry for myself. Now I want cheesecake. Maybe the sluggishness is due to being premenstrual. In any case, I might go for the cheesecake. I want a big one, and I don't feel like sharing. I want cherry pie filling on top. And a big glass of unsweetened iced tea to go with it.

I guess I can count corn, rice, mashed potatoes, and bread in the sugar category. And regular peanut butter. OMFG and those shakes in the morning. I'm a ditz. And yes, I was journaling this stuff in MFP. Monday: 241g carbs. Tuesday: 204g (plus a handful of semisweet morsels that I didn't journal). Today: 78g so far. That's not a lot, is it? I mean, it's not low carb or keto, but it's not crazy. I've been eating similarly (not journaling) for weeks, so I don't think it's any kind of keto induction that's making me sluggish.

 I was hoping to gradually make my meals smaller and change the ratio of carbs to lower carb foods. Maybe I need to just stop eating carbs. But I do want that cheesecake first. If only I could muster the energy to drive to the store.

September 12, 2015

Postscript: Bought a 16-slice cheesecake & three cans of cherry pie filling. Ate it all in less than 48 hours, minus the two pieces & their corresponding pie filling that Mom wanted. I didn't study at all on September 9, September 10, or September 11.