Monday, September 14, 2015

Diary 4

September 12, 2015

1118: Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, but I'm not going to talk much about that here. Suffice to say I mourned for all the innocent strangers lost on that day and that we should never forget and remain vigilant not only of homeland security but also of those who seek to infringe upon our rights in the name of homeland security.

The Great Cheesecake Binge of 2015 is over. My appetite is significantly smaller today than it's been in probably a month. I didn't want breakfast, and it's already almost lunchtime, and I don't feel hungry.

The day I bought the cheesecake (September 9th), I felt super tired and unmotivated. I've felt like that every day since. I couldn't figure out why, other than PMS. Then yesterday I woke up with the mother of all cold sores. Oh! You mean my body was fighting an infection PLUS PMS, and I didn't know it? Well, that makes total sense. So I broke out the Lysine and have begun dosing myself. I was in quite a bit of pain yesterday and still felt really tired but it has subsided a lot today, and I feel a bit better.

I'm hoping that by recommitting to what I originally set out to do, even if I have to recommit over and over, eventually it will stick. Like I said, at least the first few days weren't zero days. That's something.

Speaking of tweets, I saw another one this morning that made me say, "Wow!" It's an article on that begins, "Changing your environment is the easiest and most powerful way to change your behavior." It's not talking about running away from problems by moving to another city, though I guess that could work depending on the circumstances. It's partially talking about viewing your life objectively, as if you're judging someone else's life, so that you can advise yourself more wisely.