Thursday, September 17, 2015

Diary 7

September 16, 2015

0759: Today is Mexican Independence Day. I found this history in the International Business Times interesting:

"The origins of Mexican Independence Day date from 1810, 
when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest in the small 
town of Dolores, issued El Grito de Dolores, or 'the Cry of Dolores.'"

The only context I'd ever heard the word "grito" in is that high-pitched cry you hear mariachis do, so that was insightful. (You can also hear it in the background of this Metalachi video, if you have more time.)

Anyway, good morning. Happy Independence Day if it applies to you.

I forgot to take out the trash, so there is a bag containing chicken bones inside the wheelie bin in the garage. That is likely to be super gross right now and will be off the charts by Saturday. I'm setting a reminder to take out the trash then. I also keep forgetting to turn up my alarm on my phone when I go to bed; it's no good that today's wake up call was the sound of a garbage truck picking up my neighbor's trash and reminding me that it's too late to dash out and put out my own.

Grateful for: A working immune system.